Blue Garden (1989) by Jose Joya


Title: Blue Garden
Year: 1989
Artist: Jose Joya (1931-1995)
Medium: Acrylic collage
Size: 31.5 in x 39 in.

Jose Joya was conferred into the Order of the National Artists of the Philippines in 2003. He was a posthumous awardee in the category painting.

About the work:
Commissioned in 1988 at the sunlit receiving room of the artist, Blue Garden by Jose Joya was the brainchild of an afternoon of tea. Due to its provenance, it has never been publicly exhibited. It took the artist around three months to complete the work. The artist also gave a book of his drawings to the young collector with an inscription: “To Samito Jalbuena, May you someday learn to draw as well. Jose Joya.” To this day, the book and painting remain under the same roof, although the book is a little bit tattered because of perusal through the years. They still give the same amount of pleasure as they did more than a quarter of a century ago. That’s more than 25 years. Such is the joy of collecting.