Bomb Can (2015) by Anton del Castillo



Title: Bomb Can
Year: 2015
Artist: Anton del Castillo (born 1976)
Medium: Metal
Size: 10 in x 39 in.

About the work:
Bomb Can (2015) by sculptor and painter Anton del Castillo was included in the booth exhibit of Tin-Aw Gallery during the third iteration of Art Fair Philippines in 2015. The piece melds a food can with the rear part of an aerial bomb complete with four fins. The collector noted in an art critique that he was “fusing canned food and war materiel” (All Is Fair in Art and War, Diskurso, 10 February 2015). The sculpture may be seen as a comment on prevailing market conditions where agents of sustenance can easily transform to agents of warfare when certain conditions are met. The piece utilizes social critique in the irony of fetishizing what it abhors. The writer continues: “It may even be a false war, but the increase of hunger during those times of famine will make it real.”