Crucifixion (2015) by Ram Mallari Jr.


Title: Crucifixion
Year: 2015
Artist: Ram Mallari Jr.
Medium: Bronze
Size: Approximate height 16 in.

About the work:
On a lark, this piece was purchased from the artist Ram Mallari Jr. when he offered it via social networking to pay for someone’s hospitable bills. It was an opportunity to help. The resulting acquisition also introduces us to the work of this young artist whose themes explore an aesthetics of the vintage reproduced through the currency of the contemporary, or what we may term steam punk. Starting as a science fiction genre, steam punk has evolved from using historical setting with steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology to a style of design and fashion that mixes historical elements with anachronistic machines inspired by science fiction.

Thus the work of Mallari heightens the tension of repurposing fragments through recycling. This reclamation also characterizes his technique of searching for and using scrap metal. Both frameworks reinforce a popular utopia which is a critique of the Industrial Age that it seeks to aestheticize. We jumped into it for the irony of iron.