Fun Center (1987) by Jose Joya

Title: Fun Center
Year: 1987
Artist: Jose Joya (1931-1995)
Medium: Acrylic collage
Size: 10 in x 13 in.

Jose Joya was conferred into the Order of the National Artists of the Philippines in 2003. He was a posthumous awardee in the category painting.

About the work:
Acquired around the years 1987 to 1989, Fun Center by Jose Joya did not actually arouse the eye of the beholder during the time, but this was due to the aesthetic that was in place. A lot has gone by since the golden era of the 1980s.

Now we can survey Fun Center once more and see that the painting’s style, which may have been malformed during the ’80s, is actually well-received in the present decade of this millennium. Was this a trick that artistic geniuses had cultivated, that allowed them to foretell the precedents in art?

Look at the stylistic advances since the 1980s. Jose Joya was at the forefront and, until now, his spirit hovers above the place, directing not merely how we should see but why we should appreciate art.