Fragment from Juvenile Traces (2011) by Anton del Castillo


Title: Fragment from Juvenile Traces (Suite of three light boxes)
Year: 2011
Artist: Anton del Castillo (born 1976)
Medium: Light box
Size: 17 in. x 17 in.

About the work:
This was written in 2015: “In Anton Del Castillo’s work titled Juvenile Traces (2011), from his Conceptual Objects series, the artist presents schematic diagrams through three lightboxes illuminating various handguns—the most basic element required in fighting a war aside from the human killing machine. But Del Castillo’s handguns are incomplete; the schematics fail to draw the final weapons in their entirety. Instead, the viewer must connect the dots that the artist has placed along the outline of the possible outcome. Follow the numbers and create your strategy, it seems to say. Are the strides to war a mathematical game of dots?” (All Is Fair in Art and War, Diskurso, 10 February 2015).