Ochre Series (1981) by Arturo Luz


Title: Ochre III and Ochre IV
Year: 1981
Artist: Arturo Luz (born 1926)
Medium: Acrylic Collage
Size: 23 inches x 36 inches

Arturo Luz was conferred into the Order of the National Artists of the Philippines in 1997. He was an awardee in the category visual arts.

About the work:
Purchased sometime in 1997 directly from its maker, this pair of acrylic collages by National Artist Arturo Luz forms a fragment from his historical one-man exhibit held at the Museo de Arte Moderno (Museum of Modern Art) in Mexico City, Mexico, in 1981. While many of the works in that show were constructed from burlap, and sewed into gargantuan canvases to better accommodate the wide halls of the museum, there were a few intimate pieces that were fashioned from paper. It was apropos that the artist also answered this need. The pieces are an outstanding example of his use of ocher which has evolved through the years. Again, the uniqueness of simplicity and the perseverance of design above emotion and color pervade the construction. When Luz works with spartan asceticism, his imagery achieves a better light. It is a casualness that is formalist yet it evades the overworked formalism of artists who continue to embellish past their minimalism. Unlike others, this is fresh, like a gift.