Portrait of Samito Jalbuena (2015) by Ernest Concepcion

Title: Portrait of Samito Jalbuena
Year: 2015
Artist: Ernest Concepcion
Medium: Acrylic and oil on textured gesso canvas
Size: 15 in. x 12 in.

Ernest Concepcion was a recipient of the Thirteen Artist Award of the Cultural Center of the Philippines back in 2015.

About the work:
With paint seemingly dripping and melting, this work by iconoclastic artist Ernest Concepcion comes at the heels of major shifts in his artistic vocabulary. Veering away from a style suffused with pop-surreal depictions of warring extraterrestrials and over-sized insects descending on a landscape, this portrait, among others produced in the pivotal period of 2014 to 2016, is marked by a re-examination of the artist’s pathos. In his search to depict change, he strives to capture the liquid forces that struggle against static dimensionality and this carries him to review his treatment of the plastic nature of pigment over the tyranny of the subject matter per se.