The Process (2015) by Ryan La Bar


Title: The Process
Year: 2015
Artist: Ryan La Bar
Medium: Porcelain
Size: Approximately 7.5 in. x 10 in.

About the work:
In a conversation, the American artist Ryan La Bar had this to say about his process: “By prefabricating individual and wheel-thrown elements, I construct a system, a layered and woven structure. Each element counterbalances the position of another. The constructs are placed in an oven, and the heat of the kiln melts and moves the clay and glaze. The clay parts deform as the material softens. Tensions are released, causing the system to undergo cascading failure, where the failure of one part triggers the failure of successive parts. As the firing progresses, the movement quiets and the system of parts reach equilibrium and become a singular and rested whole.

“The piece is a dynamic of singular elements combining movement with neighboring parts to affect each singular part. The structural rods, bands, rings, and cogs change from being a physical structure of support to a visual illusion of structure. The parts have mixed to become one. A transformation has occurred. Each component’s rigid and singular identity has changed, warped and bent to accommodate the integration of the neighboring elements.”