Thorny Heart I and II (2013) by Julie Lluch


Title: Thorny Heart I and Thorny Heart II
Year: 2013
Artist: Julie Lluch
Medium: Terracotta
Size: Approximately 6 in. x 12 in.

About the work:
The personal lives of artists have often become the fodder of bad journalism and enduring immortality. For Vincent Van Gogh, it was the tragedy of mental illness and suicide. For Pablo Picasso, it was his serial philandering and misogyny. For Paul Gaugin, it was sex with multiple partners and the attending venereal disease. But for sculptor Julie Lluch, it is her thorny heart. The longstanding series complements her feminist views before and even after her short foray into marriage with painter Danilo Dalena. As it is the case with humans, no two hearts are alike.