Untitled (2014) by Juan Carlo Calma


Title: Untitled
Year: 2014
Artist: Juan Carlo Calma (born 1981)
Medium: Clay
Size: Approximately 20 in x 20 in.

About the work:
As an artist and architect, Juan Carlo Calma blurs the line and mixes the aforementioned distinctions. The collector once described him in an art critique: “Calma juxtaposes various abstractions to people his universe with often obscure, yet deep, meanings. He finds new ways to blend disciplines and surmount limitations with new modes of being and technology.” (Obsession and Fetishes, BusinessMirror, 29 November 2014)

What the writer failed to say was that Calma can provide arbitrary symbols and cues that work beneath the surface of psychology to provide clues into the real reason for being without making it obvious. In the work Untitled (2015), he does this again with references to various animals and objects in states of covering and uncovering. The work can allude to the problem of discovery where we wish to find some form of affirmation through the search but later learn that love coupled by bondage is not love at all.