Untitled Suite (1980) by Romulo Olazo



Title: Untitled (Various Numbers)
Year: 1981
Artist: Romulo Olazo (1934-2015)
Medium: Oil on paper (on canvas)
Size: 5 inches x 3 inches

About the work:
Bought directly from the artist sometime in 2013 or 2014, these works were sought for their small size and inimicable quality that diverges from the usual. It was for a reason of intimacy that one can better view the experimentalism of Romulo Olazo apart from his more popular Permutations series or Diaphanous series which have become set in stone as the trademarks of the artist. In these works above, a sort of anti-canonical bias is waged and we are won over by brushstrokes that are unmistakably expressionistic. One of the works even looks like a landscape with a tree in the middle ground. Another looks like a seascape with cliffs and a boat. As to his most popular paintings, Olazo never divulged the truth of his technique although it was plain to see that he was working with stencils and squeegees for the Permutations and the Diaphanous series. The works above depart from that canon, are experimental and are also approved.